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The Utilities menu consists of the LCD, PRESET, STATUS, RESET and FIRMWARE pages.


On this page you can adjust the contrast of the LCD.


Preset Dump
These functions allow you to save presets to a MIDI librarian (or MIDI librarian software on a PC).
Connect MIDI OUT to the MIDI librarian device. To save a preset simply recall the desired preset,
select the function and press ENTER. The preset data is dumped in SysEx format.
To restore a preset from a MIDI librarian connect the device to MIDI IN and send the SysEx data
into the Axe-Fx. The Axe-Fx automatically loads the data into its edit buffer. You can then save the
downloaded data to the location of your choice.

To dump a bank of presets simply select the desired bank to dump and press ENTER. Bank A
contains presets 0 through 127, Bank B contains 128 through 255 and Bank C contains presets 256 - 383.
It may take several minutes to dump all the data in a bank. When saving the data to your
librarian device (or PC) be sure to name the saved data to indicate the bank in which the data
originated (i.e. BankA.syx). This will eliminate confusion if the need arises to restore a bank.
It is good practice to back up your presets regularly just as it’s good practice to back up the data on
your computer.

To restore a bank of presets connect the MIDI librarian to MIDI IN and send the SysEx data to the
Axe-Fx. The Axe-Fx automatically recognizes the data as a Bank Dump and loads the data into its

Data from one Axe-Fx can be loaded into another Axe-Fx using this same method. Simply connect
the MIDI OUT of the first Axe-Fx to the MIDI IN of the second. A bank from the first unit can
then be loaded into the second unit.

Preset Update
This function allows you to update all presets to the latest protocol. The Axe-Fx can read presets
stored in either the current version or one version prior. When a preset is saved it is saved in the
latest protocol. If you’ve just updated the firmware to a major revision you can convert all your
presets to the latest protocol by using this function.


The STATUS page allows you to monitor the input levels and CPU usage of the Axe-Fx. If
programming a VERY complicated preset you may run out of CPU power. The Axe-Fx has enough
horsepower to run at least 10 effects simultaneously. If the CPU utilization is approaching 90%
you may not be able to add a desired effect to the preset. Naturally some effects use much more
power than others, the amplifiers using the most. The Axe-Fx does not allow the total CPU load to
exceed 98% as the unit could then become unresponsive.

The Axe-Fx uses worst-case scenarios in determining whether enough power is left to place an
effect and may not let you place an effect even if seemingly enough power is left. For example the
chorus can use up to 8% of the CPU if set to 8 voices and with controllers attached to all its
parameters. However it normally only uses a few percent. The Axe-Fx assumes the worst case and
checks to see if CPU utilization is less than 98 - 8 = 90%. This is done to prevent overloading the
CPU if the number of voices is increased.

Also, an effect is always running, even if bypassed so the CPU utilization does not change if an
effect is bypassed. If you need more CPU resources check to see if you have any effects bypassed
that you don’t need and, if so, remove them. This will reduce the CPU usage accordingly.


To reset all the factory parameter in your Axe-Fx select this page and press ENTER. This will reset
the Global parameters, the MIDI configuration, Continuous Controller setup and Pedal
configuration. This will not clear or otherwise alter any preset information.


This page allows you to update the firmware of your Axe-Fx. Follow the instructions that
accompany the firmware.