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This page is intended for quick one to three liner tips. They will be displayed randomly on the main page. To add a tip, please insert at the end of the current list and don't forget the four dashes (i.e. ----) at the top

Press and hold ENTER to automatically place and route shunts from the current position to the output mixer.

Each time EDIT is pressed, the next effect edit page is displayed. If you are on a different page, the edit page for the nearest effect will be displayed.

Hold down BYPASS to restore all parameters of an effect block to default.

Each time ENTER is pressed while in the sequencer menu, a new random set of values is loaded. You can use this feature to find cool sequence patterns.

The "bright switch" of an amp block may be enabled by selecting the TREB control and pressing ENTER. This will toggle the state of the Bright Switch. The text “BRT” will appear under the control when the bright circuit is active.

The "boost switch" of an amp (which adds 12db of gain) may be enabled selecting the DRIVE control and pressing ENTER. This will toggle the state of the Boost switch. The text “BOOST” will appear under the control when the boost circuit is active. The boost switch adds 12db of gain to the amp simulation. This is useful to get more drive out the amp than it would normally have.

In addition to copying effects block parameters, the controller parameters can also be copied (i.e, Envelope, ADSR, LFO, etc) from one preset to another. Just press the RECALL button, page over to the EFFECT tab, select the proper preset to copy from, then select controller from the Retrieve area.

You can use the feedback send and return to extend the length of a chain if necessary.

On units built prior to mid-July 2007 the serial number is underneath the main-board. The serial number is now located on the back next to the AC inlet.

One thing to try is to use a blend of two amps into one cab. This will save a small measure of CPU (~10%?).

With the power amp simulation off, the depth and deep controls are deactivated; the master becomes a volume control and the presence controls turns into a shelving filter.

There's a secret menu on the Utility page accessible by pressing and holding the PAGE right button. WARNING! Be very careful with the the Clear SRAM and Test SRAM functions as they will completely wipe out all your presets!!! On firmware 4.02, the clock rate is now displayed and a TEST LEDS function has been added.

You can completely reset/initialize the contents of the edit buffer by holding RESET while the Axe-Fx boots.

To insert an effect block, place it at the end of the chain and move it to the desired location (using the MOVE page, MOVE LEFT command). All the other effect blocks will automatically be moved to the right.

To emulate the solo "BOOST" feature found on TC Electronics units, place a Mixer block at the end of your signal chain and attach an external controller to control the overall output gain (on page 2). Somewhere around 90% is pretty close to -6db which is the default on the TC Units.