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Pressing the TUNER button brings up the Axe-Fx tuner display. There are three
pages. The first page is the basic tuner display. The second page allows you to
configure the tuner and the third page allows you to enter custom tuning offsets.

CAL - This sets the reference frequency for the tuner.
MUTE - When set to ON this mutes the sound out of the Axe-Fx when in the tuner menu.
USE OFFSETS - When set to ON the custom temperament offsets entered on the
OFFSETS page are applied to the tuner display.

Enabling The Tuner Using MIDI

To enable the tuner using a MIDI pedal CC#:
1. Once you program your foot controller to send a CC#:
2. with the foot controller hooked up, go to IO/CTRL on the Axe-fx
3. scroll to the value you want to control
4. hit enter (this puts it in learning mode)
5. click the IA on your footswitch that will control it.
It should learn the value

Alternatively, instead of using the learn function you can just dial in the number manually.

Buzz Feiten tuning

To use Buzz Feiten tuning with the Axe-Fx, go to the third page of the tuner menu to set your OFFSETS. Assuming you're using an electric guitar (the offsets are different for steel and nylon acoustics), the Feiten offsets for are:

Note Open string offsets (cents)
E 00
B +01
G -02
D -02
A -02
E -02