Stereo enhancer

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The Stereo Enhancer is used to increase the apparent stereo separation between the left and right outputs. When used judiciously it can make a stereo track appear “fuller” and “wider”.


  • WIDTH - Sets the phase difference between the left and right channels. Adjust until the desired effect is achieved. Certain frequencies may cancel each other at various settings, experiment with this to achieve the desired enhancement and frequency response.
  • INVERT - Allows inversion of the left or right channel if desired. Use in conjunction with the width control to adjust frequency and apparent widening.
  • PAN - Sometimes the effect will cause a shift in the apparent localization of the instrument. The pan control may be used to compensate for this.

NOTE: The Stereo Enhancer block will cause phase problems if used in a mono setup. Bypass the effect, or don't use it, if not running in true stereo.