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Quad Chorus block.jpg

The Axe-Fx Ultra Quad Chorus is the ultimate chorus effect. Four independent chorus units are modulated by four separate LFO’s. The result is an incredibly lush and liquid chorus sound. It takes a little while to program but the effort is well worth the investment. The first three LFO’s are then combined in various amounts via the LFO Morph parameter for each chorus unit. The fourth LFO modulates all the chorus units. In the illustration above the effect is shown in the default stereo configuration. The four LFO’s are depicted as used for each chorus delay line.


Master Parameters
  • TIME - The time delay of each chorus unit is set to a percentage of its programmed value by this parameter. This can be used to adjust all the delay times simultaneoulsy or further modulate the choruses.
  • RATE - Sets the master rate of the LFO’s.
  • DEPTH - The depth of modulation to each chorus is set to a multiple of its programmed value by this parameter.
  • FDBK - The amount of the output of each chorus fed back to its input is controlled by this parameter. Set to 0% for classic chorus sounds. Increase for flanging effects
  • INPUT MODE - When set to STEREO, two of the chorus units are fed from the left input and the other from the right input. This can be used to preserve or increase the stereo separation.
Chorus Unit Parameters

Each chorus unit has an identical set of parameters.

  • TIME - Sets the minimum time delay of the chorus unit.
  • LEVEL - Sets the output level of the chorus unit.
  • PAN - Sets the panning of the chorus unit in the stereo field.
  • DEPTH - Sets the depth of the modulation applied to the chorus unit.
  • LFO MORPH - This parameter controls the contribution of the first three LFO’s to the modulation signal. A value of 0% would select only LFO1 as the modulation source. A value of 25% would have equal parts of LFO1 and LFO2. A value of 100% would use only LFO3. The net effect is that a combination of two LFO’s is used to modulate the chorus (in additon to the global modulation of LFO4).
Advanced Parameters

The master parameters are duplicates of the first page.

  • WIDE MODE - When this in set to ON, the modulation to every other delay line is inverted thereby widening the stereo effect.
  • MAIN DEPTH - This parameter controls the depth of LFO4 which modulates all the chorus units. The amount of global modulation can be controlled by this parameter.
  • MAIN PHASE - Sets the phase difference of the main LFO (LFO4) between chorus units. This allows the pitch of each chorus unit to change differently than if they were all modulated in-phase.
  • LFO1 MASTER - If this is set to ON, the rate of LFO’s 2 and 3 are locked to LFO1 and the LFO1 RATE MULT parameter controls the first three LFO rates.
  • LFOn TYPE - Selects the type of LFO for each LFO.
  • LFOn RATE MULT - Sets the rate of the LFO as a multiple of the master rate.