Noise gate

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The Noise Gate is not a routable effect. It is always connected directly to the main inputs. To edit the effect go to the page in the menu. The Noise Gate is always active but can be defeated by simply turning the control fully counter-clockwise.

The Noise Gate is a downward expander. Any signal below the threshold is reduced by the expansion ratio. This provides smooth transitions rather than abrupt open/close style gating.


  • THRESH - Threshold control. This sets the level at which the Noise Gate will start its downward expansion. If the input signal drops below this level it will be attenuated by an amount controlled by the ratio.
  • RATIO - Sets the downward expansion ratio. For example, if the threshold is set to - 50 dB and the input level is -60 dB and the ratio is 2.0 the input will be attenuated by 20 dB.
  • RELEASE - Release rate control. Sets the rate at which the Noise Gate attenuates the signal once the threshold has been crossed. Higher values will make the signal gradually fade once it drops below the threshold.