Mu-Tron envelope filter

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Here are my settings for a Mu-Tron type of envelope follower:

Wah block:

  • TYPE - bandpass
  • FMIN - 256Hz
  • FMAX - 2775Hz
  • RES - 5.6
  • TRACK - 2
  • FREQ - assigned to envelope. I suggest initially leaving the assign settings at their default and tweaking the controller params. Later, you can come back to this page and do some more subtle shifting of the envelope tracking.

Envelope Controller:

  • THRESH - -40
  • ATTACK - 62ms
  • RELEASE - 26ms
  • GAIN - 1.26

The dynamics of your playing are an essential part of the behavior of any effect that is controlled by the signal envelope. For that reason, you will almost certainly have to alter the above settings to get the sound you want.