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Global Parameters

The Axe-Fx Global Parameters menu is accessed by pressing the GLOBAL menu button. The Global Parameters allows you to set the overall tone and mix of the Axe-Fx. These settings are stored independently of the presets and restored at each power-on.

There are four pages: CONFIG, OUT1, OUT2 and MIX.

The OUT1 and OUT2 pages allow fine tuning of the tone for each of the outputs. Here you can make adjustments to the basic tone of your Axe-Fx that affects all presets. This comes in handy when using the Axe-Fx in different environments where the acoustics may vary.

Global EQs are an 8 Band Graphic EQ. They all have Q = 1.41

The MIX page allows overall control of the reverb and effects mix. As previously discussed the Global Mix allows you to vary the reverb and effects mix across all presets. This is useful when using the Axe-Fx in different environments where the ambience may vary. Note that the effects mix only affects those effects that have their GLBL MIX control set to ON.

The CONFIG page allows for global configuration of the amp and cabinet simulations as well as delay spillover control.

POWER AMP - Setting this to BYPASSED defeats the power amp simulation for all presets. This is useful when you are using the Axe-Fx with a tube amp.

CABINET - Turning the CABINET to BYPASSED bypasses the Cabinet blocks in all presets. Use this when you are using the Axe-Fx into an amplifier > guitar cabinet setup. This allows using presets with cabinets in them in varying situations. For direct recording or into a full-range sound reinforcement system (i.e. PA or home stereo) turn CABINET to ACTIVE (enable the Cabinet Emulators). If connecting to a guitar amp with integral speakers or a separate amplifier and guitar cabinet turn CABINET to BYPASSED. This defeats the Cabinet Emulators and presents the fullrange signal to the amplifier/cabinet resulting in the proper tonal response. If this is not done the high frequencies will be excessively attenuated possibly resulting in a muffled or muddy sound.

DELAY SPILL - Setting this to ON disables the clearing of all delay lines during preset change. This in turn allows delays, reverbs and any other delay based effects to “spillover” to the new preset Setting this to OFF clears all delay lines and prevents any spillover.

Global Scales


The Axe-Fx UltraTM has the ability to define up to 32 custom scales. A custom scale is an arbitrary table of pitch shift values that need not conform to any conventional definition of a scale. Custom scales can be used to create harmonic counterpoint using the Custom Shifter mode of the Pitch block or other non-standard harmonic relationships.

To program a custom scale simply choose the desired location number where to store the scale parameters. Up to 32 scales can be defined.

Next enter the output note for each note in the chromatic scale. For example, if you play a ‘D’ and want an ‘F’ to sound set the 'D' SHIFT parameter value to three semitones. Now whenever you play a ‘D’ using this custom scale the output will be shifted three semitones resulting in the note ‘F’.