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IR Player block

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Available on which products

  • Axe-Fx III: 2 blocks
  • FM3: no
  • Axe-Fx II: no
  • AX8: no
  • FX8: no

Channels or X/Y switching

  • Axe-Fx III: 4 channels

What is the IR Player

The IR Player block is a simplified Cab block.

It processes a single Impulse responses (IR), has less features than the Cab block and therefore requires less CPU. It can also process Tone Match block data which has been exported as an Rs. This makes it the first choice to run an impulse response of a device such an acoustic guitar or a preamp.

Read this:


Parameters table

Low Cut, High Cut
Filter Slope
Input Select


The MODE parameter selects between Normal Res and Hi-/UltraRes IRs.