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Welcome to this wiki. These pages contain helpful hints, tips, descriptions, FAQs and other user contributed material for Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx Standard and Axe-Fx Ultra pre-amp/effects processors.

The compilation of resources and online manual in the Axe-Fx Wiki aim to expand on the official user manual provided by Fractal Audio Systems. You can help expand the Axe-Fx Wiki by creating a user account. It's easy to join and start contributing.

NOTE: this Wiki is focussed on the Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra. Go here for the Axe-Fx II wiki.

Random Tip
 Random Tip: There's a secret menu on the Utility page accessible by pressing and holding the PAGE right button. WARNING! Be very careful with the the Clear SRAM and Test SRAM functions as they will completely wipe out all your presets!!! On firmware 4.02, the clock rate is now displayed and a TEST LEDS function has been added.

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For new & potential Axe-Fx owners:

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Contributing to the site

Getting Started

  • To edit or create new pages, please create a user account.
  • Submit a new entry
    • You can edit or create a page by using the box below

Quick Guidelines

  • Search first to see if a page already exists for the particular topic you want to write about. If the page already exists, add your entry to the existing pages to avoid redundancy.
  • Create redirection pages, so that if a user misspells or there's synonyms for a particular search term, the user is taken to a relevant page.
  • Always preview your edits before saving a page
  • Think about creating a new page for new additions and transcluding it into the place you want it displayed.
  • More information in How to Contribute.
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