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The Axe-Fx II and Axe-Fx II XL are digital guitar preamp / effects processors by Fractal Audio Systems. This wiki supplements the official owner's manuals (integrated), providing additional information, tip and tricks. This wiki also covers the MFC-101 MIDI foot controller and the FX8 multi-effects pedalboard. Created and maintained by Alexander van Engelen. Additional support by M@ and S0c9.

Fractal32.png About the Axe-Fx II — general topics
Fractal32.png Set Up, Connect, Amplify — configuring your rig
Fractal32.png Presets and Effects — creating, editing and managing sounds
Fractal32.png MFC-101 Tips — getting the most out of the MIDI foot controller

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Get in-depth information about the All Modeled Amps and All Modeled Cabs. Stay up-to-date with the Axe-Fx II firmware release notes. Learn to work with Axe-Edit, Fractal-Bot and Cab-Lab. New users: read Basics and Audio topics. If you're having issues, consult the Troubleshooting FAQ. Download jma's Quick Reference Guide.

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