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Welcome to the Fractal Audio Systems wiki

Supplements the manuals. Provides additional information, tip and tricks.
Administered by Alexander van Engelen (aka 'Yek') with help from M@, S0c9 and Iaresee.

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Axe-Fx II (all versions) 19.00 • Axe-Edit 3.2.0 • FX8 2.00 • FX8-Edit 1.02 • MFC-101 3.08 • MFC-Edit 3.5 • Fractal-Bot 2.08 • Cab Lab 3.1.0

Axe-Fx II Preamp/Effects Processor

Axe-Fx II XL front and rear 600.png

Amp and Cab Modeling

H amps.png

Other Effects

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Impulse Responses of Speaker Cabinets

Miced cab.png

MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller • EV-1 Pedal • Other MIDI Devices

MFC 3D.png

FX8 Multi-Effects Pedalboard


AX8 (not available yet)

  • The AX8 is reported to be a future product from FAS.
  • Information will be added when it becomes available.

Common Topics

Video, Sound, Tutorials, Social Media

Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra (discontinued)

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