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The Axe-Fx II (XL) is the digital guitar preamp and effects processor by Fractal Audio Systems (FAS).
This wiki supplements the official Owner's Manual (integrated in the wiki) and provides additional information, tip and tricks.
This wiki also covers other FAS hardware, such as the MFC-101 and FX8.
Created and maintained by Alexander van Engelen (aka "Yek"). Additional support by M@ and S0c9.

Fractal32.png About the Axe-Fx II — general topics
Fractal32.png Axe-Fx II: set up, connect, amplify — configure your rig
Fractal32.png Axe-Fx II: presets and effects — create, edit and manage sounds
Fractal32.png Axe-Fx II: amp models and cabinet models — get in-depth information about every included amp and cab
Fractal32.png IR Libraries — explore popular IR libraries
Fractal32.png MFC-101 tips — get the most out of the foot controller
Fractal32.png FX8 — learn about the features of this multi-effects pedalboard
Fractal32.png Troubleshooting — getting help and answers

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Stay up-to-date with all Firmware release notes.
Learn to work with Axe-Edit, Fractal-Bot and Cab-Lab.
New users: read Axe-Fx II basics and Audio topics.

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