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Axe-Edit (formerly Axe-Editor) is the companion editor/manager for the Axe-Fx. It fully supports the Axe-Fx Standard/Ultra and the Axe-Fx II, providing computer remote control of all functions required to view, modify, and save sound programs (presets)

Fractal Audio's web site asserts that Axe-Edit "offers a faster, smarter, easier way to edit and manage your Axe-FX, as well as providing a basis for our future software products." (The last reference is assumed to be to a standalone software version of the DSP algorithms of the Axe-FX) Axe Edit is currently in BETA and is not yet officially supported by Fractal Audio Systems.

The product's official web page is here.

Axe-Edit is currently at version 1.0.188.

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Version 1.0.188 Announced (23 July 2011)

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