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Resetting the system parameters

When things do not sound like they should or do not work as expected, and you can't find a cause, execute the Reset System Parameters menu command in the Utilities menu.

This returns all parameters in the Setup menu and Tuner menu menu to their factory default values. This includes the FC controller configuration.

Resetting the system parameters does NOT change or delete presets, nor user cabs, nor Global blocks.

IMPORTANT: before resetting, write down each non-factory setting which is required to operate your rig. And export your FC configuration from the editor.

"Doing a system reset and having that "fix" things does not surprise me at all. There are a variety of parameters that affect the overall sound that could be set incorrectly either by accident or by a bug in previous firmware. A system reset gives you a clean slate and ensures that the unit sounds as intended. The only drawback is that any changes you've made to I/O and MIDI control assignments will be lost." [1]

Wicked Wiki article

Reset the Axe-Fx III, FM9, FM3

Use the Utilities menu to reset all system parameters in the Setup menu and Tuner menu.

The Utilities menu also lets you delete all presets and all user cabs. You can reload the Factory presets with Fractal-Bot or the Editors.

Use Fractal-Bot to load Firmware onto the device.

A system reset also resets the FC Controllers settings. Use the editor to save and restore these settings.

Reset the Axe-Fx II

Mark I/II

  1. Delete all presets in a bank by sending an "empty bank" SysEx file. Launch Fractal-Bot, load the file and send it. You'll be asked to which bank it should send the file. Just select one bank and repeat it for the other ones.
  2. The system data area of the Axe-Fx II contains all user cabs, configuration information and Global blocks. Cleaning it will delete it all. This is accomplished by downloading a clean system data file. Launch Fractal-Bot, load the file and send it. It will display a warning. Confirm, wait and it's done. Now restart the Axe-Fx II. After powering up all parameters in I/O, Global etc. will be reset to their default values, user cabs 1-50 will be empty and global blocks data is gone. Note that this method does not clear user cab slots 51-100.
  3. Uploading the clean System file to the Axe-Fx does not clear user cabs 51-100. This has to be done separately. Download the required file. Launch Fractal-Bot, load the file and send it. It will ask to which slot it should send the empty IR. Type "51" (or Current if you have selected the cab slot on the unit itself) and send it. You have to repeat it for every slot. Note that when you select a user cab slot on the Axe-Fx after sending the empty IR to it, the Axe-Fx will still display the user cab name afterwards. You have to restart the Axe-Fx II to make the names disappear.


  1. Use the commands in the Utility menu to clear all presets and all user cabs.
  2. Execute the Reset System Params command in the Utility menu to return all system parameters to factory defaults.
  3. The only left-overs will the Global blocks.

Reset the AX8 or FX8

  1. Perform a reset in the Utility menu. This will restore all system parameters. This does not impact presets or user cabs.
  2. If desired, use the Utility menu to clear all presets and user cabs. Then load the Factory presets again.

Reset the FC controller

  1. On the Axe-Fx III, open the Setup menu.
  2. Select FC Controllers and press ENTER.
  3. Turn to the Reset page.
  4. Select the relevant entry for FC-6 or FC-12 and press ENTER to load the default settings.

Reset the MFC-101

Read this: MFC-101 MIDI foot controller

Back up and restore system settings with Fractal-Bot

Use Fractal-Bot to backup and restore all system settings in the Setup menu and Tuner menu, Global blocks, presets, user cabs and the FC controller configuration.

Emergency Boot Recovery

If the device freezes or crashes when powering on, try Emergency Boot Recovery.

Clear Global blocks

Read this: Global blocks

Why does the device automatically reset its system parameters

If you turn off power too quickly after having adjusted entries in the global menus, it may interrupt the autosave process. If that happens, the device will automatically reset the system parameters the next time it's powered on.

"This means a failsafe was encountered. If the setup data checksum fails, which can happen if the power is interrupted while modifying it, the unit will detect that and revert to default values." [2]