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Megatap Delay block

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Available on which products

  • Axe-Fx III and FM9: 2 blocks
  • FM3: 1 block
  • Axe-Fx II and FX8: 1 block
  • AX8: not supported

Channels or X/Y

  • Axe-Fx III and FM9 and FM3: 2 channels
  • Axe-Fx II and FX8: no

About the Megatap Delay block

The Megatap Delay is a 4 second, 128-tap delay line (64 taps on the FM3 and FM9), with parametric control of time, amplitude, and panning. It can be used to create interesting sonic patterns/textures or to increase density before other effects.

The block on the Axe-Fx III and FM9 provides many pre-configured types (FM3: n/a).



[1] The changes to the Megatap block have not been ported to the FM3 at this time. They may or may not be ported at some future date.

Megatap Delay block diagram

Megatap Delay.png

Megatap Delay types

Megatap Delay types: (not available on the FM3):

  1. Bounce
  2. Bounce Reverb
  3. Brute Force Reverb
  4. Creaky
  5. Deceptions
  6. Diffused Ping-Pong Echo
  7. Diffusion Swirl
  8. Echo Room
  9. Gated Reverb
  10. Late Bloomer
  11. Lazer Zaps
  12. Megaverb
  13. Motion Echoes
  14. Ping-Pong Echo Verb
  15. Reverb Pre-Swell
  16. Reverse Reverb Echo
  17. Serpentine Swells
  18. Staccato Spread
  19. Tank Taps
  20. Tap Verb Grit
  21. Tap Verb Plush
  22. Take Five


The block supports Spillover between presets.


Envelope Follower

The Multitap Delay has its own Envelope Follower, allowing volume swells.

The Owners Manuals recommend these settings:

  • Threshold: -70
  • Attack: 400
  • Release: 15


Diffusion has its own LFO modulation parameters.

Time Shape

The EXP/LOG setting is the default and behaves as before allowing time shapes between exponential and logarithmic (including linear). The SIGMOID setting is a four-quadrant shape that allows time shapes between sigmoid and inverse sigmoid. The COSINE and SINE settings select sine wave shapes with the Time Alpha parameter controlling the number of periods from 1 to 8.

Tips, tricks and troubleshooting

Factory presets

The Megatap Delay block is showcased in some factory presets. Search the Factory presets page for megatap.

No Global blocks

The Megatap Delay block doesn't support Global blocks.

Megatap Delay as a reverb

The large number of taps allows the block to create reverb effects. The block provides some pre-configured types, but, again they're not available on the FM3.


[2] Put a Megatap block in front of the Reverb block. Set the type to Reverb Pre-Swell. Run the two blocks in parallel to the main signal chain.

[3] One of the popular methods for swelling (or blooming) reverbs is to feed the reverb with a multitapped delay with lots of taps. Reverb Pre-Swell is expressly designed for just this purpose. The many taps cause the envelope to grow over time due to the signal addition.