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Here's a list of all Drive models in the Axe-Fx. You can also find a list on the Fractal Audio website.

Axe-Fx drive type Description
Rat Dist ProCo Rat
Pi Fuzz Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Tube Drive Chandler Tube Driver, neutral distortion with mild low roll-off
Super OD Boss SD-1
Treb Boost Dallas Rangemaster
Mid Boost Custom drive with steep mid boost
T808 OD Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-9
Fat Rat Custom. Similar to Rat, thicker distortion with a low-mid boost
T808 Mod Based on popular TS-9 mods
Octv Dist Tycobrahae Octavia
Plus Dist MXR Plus Dist (MXR Distortion +)
Hard Fuzz Hard-clipping 60’s-style fuzz
FET Boost A clean boost with tone controls. Like the Keeley Katana or ZVex Super Hard-On
Tape Dist Studio reel-to-reel tape distortion
Full OD Fulltone FullDrive 2
Blues OD Marshall BluesBreaker
Shred Dist Marshall ShredMaster
M-Zone Dist Boss Metal Zone
BB Pre (firmware 9.01) Xotic BB preamp
Face Fuzz (firmware 10.x) Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. Used by Jimi Hendrix
Master Fuzz (firmware 10.x) Maestro FZ-1 Fuzztone. Used in I can't get no satisfaction by the Rolling Stones