Parametric equalizer

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Parametric Equalizer block.jpg

The Parametric Equalizer is a 5-band parametric-type equalizer comprised of a low-shelf filter, three bell filters and a high-shelf filter. To edit, select the band desired using the PAGE buttons. A graphical display depicts the response.


  • FREQ - Sets the center frequency of the band.
  • Q - Sets the "Q" of the band. Q is a measure of filters bandwidth vs. center frequency. Higher Q's exhibit narrower or sharper response. Use caution as very high values along with high gain can cause output overload and clipping even though the apparent volume is low. Reduce the block output level if this occurs.
  • GAIN - Sets the gain of the filter.

The outer bands have an addtional parameter

  • TYPE - set the curve of the outer bands. Choices are now shelving, peaking and blocking (i.e. highpass).