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To update your Axe-Fx firmware please follow the following steps:

1. Connect your PC's MIDI Out to the Axe-Fx MIDI In.

2. Load the accompanying sysex file into your MIDI librarian.

3. On your Axe-Fx press UTILITY and then PAGE >> until you reach the FIRMWARE page.

4. Press ENTER.

5. Send the file from your PC to the Axe-Fx. A progress box should appear on the Axe-Fx displaying the transfer progress. It will take several minutes to transfer the file.

6. If all goes well the Axe-Fx will display "GOOD CHECKSUM" and proceed to reprogram the flash memory. If the file format was incorrectly interpreted by your librarian or any other problems occur the Axe-Fx will display "BAD CHECKSUM" and abort the update procedure. If this happens turn the unit off and then back on and check your librarian settings and then repeat this procedure.

7. After the flash has been reprogrammed the unit will turn itself off then on. Your new firmware is now ready to use!


- Firmware is provided in raw sysex format. You can use this format with MIDI-OX as well as many other MIDI librarians.

- Due to constant improvements there may be some minor differences in sound when upgrading firmware. After upgrading you should check that your presets sound the way you desire. You may need to fine tune the gain, EQ, etc.

- If you are using MIDI-OX to send the firmware to the Axe-Fx be aware that MIDI-OX's default settings may cause a buffer overrun error in that program. We recommend the following settings:

Low Level I/O Buffers: size - 256, number - 16 Milliseconds between buffers: 90

To configure MIDI-OX use: View -> Sysex to bring up the Sysex view window then Sysex -> Configure to configure the buffers.

- Another (and much easier to use) MIDI librarian you can use is Bome's SendSX. You can download it for free at

If you have any problems or questions please email support at