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Yeks Guide to the Fractal Audio Drive Models

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Yeks Drives Guide.png

About the guide

Forum member Yek (Alexander van Engelen) describes all drive types in his Guide to the Fractal Audio Drive Models.

The guide was preceded by a series of threads on Fractal Audio's user forum. Forum member Simviz assisted with migrating the contents of the threads to a PDF guide.

The guide is updated periodically.

Brief information is also available on this wiki page: Drive block.

Two versions of the guide

Fractal Audio's modeling of drives has been improved in firmware Ares 3.02 and later. Gain, output level, characteristics and tone may have changed.

Tips and information for the current firmware may not apply to the Drive types in earlier firmware, including the AX8, FX8 and Axe-Fx II.

Because of this, two editions of the guide are available:


Demo presets

Simple presets are available to demonstrate many of the Drive models.

The presets were created by Yek on the Axe-Fx III (firmware Ares 4.03), using a clean Band-Commander and a Euro Blue with varying amounts of gain.

The library also contains a couple of additional interesting presets.