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Tempo menu

When tapping the Tempo button or switch, the Tempo menu appears. It will disappear after a few seconds. Some devices let you specify how long it stays on-screen (Global menu).

On the Axe-Fx III, it's also a shortcut to the Controllers menu.

Gobal or per-preset tempo

You can specify in the Tempo menu whether you want the tempo to operate globally (across all presets) or per preset.

Tapping the tempo

The Global menu lets you specify how Tap Tempo works:

Average — Averages the tempo to the last ten taps. Usually a wise choice.

Last Two — Uses only the most recent two taps to determine the tempo. Acts faster but also less precise.

Syncing effects to the tempo

You can assign effect parameters such as Time or Rate to a specific tempo, like 1/4 or 1/8 Dotted, instead of milliseconds. That will make the effect depend on the global or preset tempo. Tapping a different tempo will change the rate of the effect.

Important: after assigning a parameter to a tempo, you can no longer adjust the time in the effect!

Accuracy of the Tempo LED

"The tempo LED is handled by a low-priority thread so it isn't rock solid and the higher the CPU usage the less solid it will be." source

Axe-Fx III and Tempo

Tempo is part of the internal controllers. The Controllers block on the Axe-Fx III has 4 channels. This means that each preset can have 4 different tempos.

Auto-activating a Delay

Read this.

Tempo and MIDI


  • Tempo: defaults to CC 14 on the Axe-Fx II, AX8 and FX8. Keep it this way to avoid issues. The III lets you assign the Tempo CC manually.
  • Metronome: CC 122. The Axe-Fx III does not provide a metronome.

Showing the tempo on a foot controller

The Axe-Fx II, MFC-1010, AX8 and FX8 show the tempo.

Fractal Audio's FC series indicate the preset tempo on an Axe-Fx III. 3rd-party MIDI controllers can also show tempo when they have been programmed to act as a client to the Axe-Fx III, using Fractal Audio's protocol, or when using real-time sysex as documented here.

MIDI Clock

The Axe-Fx II and III, FX8 and AX8 do not transmit MIDI Clock to other devices. They can process an incoming MIDI Clock signal.

Tempo guide

The Owner's Manuals contain a Tempo Cross Reference guide.

SysEx commands for tempo

Llist of all SysEx commands for each tempo setting in the Delay 1 and Delay 2 blocks


The Axe-Fx II, AX8 and FX8 can emit a metronome signal. It is located in the Tempo menu. The Axe-Fx III does not provide a metronome.

Start the metronome by pressing a switch, assigned to the Metronome's MIDI CC, or in the Tempo menu.

The metronome plays through Output 1 only!

If the metronome starts automatically and cannot be stopped, it's probably triggered by a MIDI CC transmitted by your DAW. Disable this in your DAW, or set the Metronome's MIDI CC to NONE in I/O.


Ticking tempo noise

Audible bleed-through of the tempo signal can occur if the MIDI cable is not properly shielded.