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[[media:12 Tempo.pdf]] | [[media:16 Appendix.pdf | 16.9 Tempo Cross Reference]] | [[media:12 Tempo.pdf | 12.5 Metronome]]
[[media:12 Tempo.pdf 12 Tempo]] | [[media:16 Appendix.pdf | 16.9 Tempo Cross Reference]] | [[media:12 Tempo.pdf | 12.5 Metronome]]
=User contributions=
=User contributions=

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media:12 Tempo.pdf 12 Tempo | 16.9 Tempo Cross Reference | 12.5 Metronome

User contributions

Tempo LED

  • Cliff: "The tempo LED is handled by a low-priority thread so it isn't rock solid and the higher the CPU usage the less solid it will be. The metronome, however, is perfectly accurate." Source


  • The Axe-Fx II can operate as a metronome via the Tempo menu.
  • The metronome plays through Output 1 only.
  • You can start the metronome with an IA switch (CC is listed in the I/O menu).

Auto-activating a delay

  • When the parameter Auto Delay in the Tempo menu is set to “ON,” any delay blocks that are bypassed will become active whenever a tempo is tapped in. This allows you to set the tempo and un-bypass your delay block(s) from a single footswitch.