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{{0 Disclaimer}}
{{0 Disclaimer}}
{{19.11 Setting Up Spillover}}
{{19.11.1 Within a Single Preset}}
{{19.11.2 Across Different Presets}}
=User contributions=
=User contributions=

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Template:19.11 Setting Up Spillover

Template:19.11.1 Within a Single Preset

Template:19.11.2 Across Different Presets

User contributions


  • Spillover means that delay and/or reverb trails in the current preset will continue after switching to another preset. The support for Spillover is the same as in the 1st-generation units.
  • It is enabled globally in Global > Config. Plus: the preset you’re switching to MUST contain a Delay and/or Reverb block. You can put them in the last row on their own for example, without an input, as long as they are connected to the grid output.
  • Multi Delay and Megatap Delay don’t support spillover.
  • Spillover carries over the delay/reverb signal from a previous preset. This can cause volume bumps. For example if the previous preset contains a hi-gain amp and the second preset is a clean one with a loud delay, the carried-over trails will be that of a distorted amp and will be amplified by the delay settings in the second preset.
  • If you want spillover from the last preset and continue the same delay/reverb: don’t mute or bypass the delay and/or reverb in the second preset. These will inherit the parameters of the previous preset automatically.
  • If you want spillover from the last preset and start a new delay/reverb: that’s a bitch, read about it here.