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Plex Delay block

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Available on which products

  • Axe-Fx III: 2 blocks
  • FM3, FM9: 1 block
  • Axe-Fx II, AX8, FX8: no

Channels or X/Y

  • Axe-Fx III, FM9, FM3: 4 channels

About the Plex Delay

The Plex Delay is a dedicated effect block on the Axe-Fx III, FM9 and FM3. It provides up to 8 delay lines in a feedback arrangement for ethereal “shimmer” effects.

On the Axe-Fx II, AX8 and FX8, its functionality is part of the Multi Delay block.

More information is in the Owner's Manual.

Plex Delay diagram

Plex Delay block.png

Plex Delay types

  1. Ambient Depths
  2. Bronze Harps
  3. Cacophonizer
  4. Celestial Shimmer
  5. Critters
  6. Dancing Detune
  7. Delay Swell
  8. Demi-Semi Delay
  9. Detuned Space
  10. Detuned Space 2
  11. Discrete Echoes
  12. Dissolving 16ths
  13. Echo Hall
  14. Econo Shimmer
  15. Econo Shimmer 2
  16. Ganymede
  17. Gnome Shifter
  18. Gold Harps
  19. Golden Delay
  20. Golden Detune
  21. Golden Shimmer
  22. Granular Echoes
  23. Gritty Shimmer
  24. Helium Shimmer
  25. Intrigue
  26. Lunar Detuner
  27. Melting Delays
  28. Mod Wash
  29. Occult Verb
  30. Occult Verb 2
  31. Ping-Pong Reverse
  32. Plex Delay — multiple delays
  33. Plex Detune — detuned delays, or pitch detune
  34. Plex Shift — pitch-shifted delays
  35. Plex Tape Echoes
  36. Plex Verb — large, ethereal reverb sounds. Simple to use with no time, tempo, level or pan parameters required. For best results turn the Diffusion Mix up when using this type.
  37. Reverse Oct 4
  38. Reverse Oct 8
  39. Reverse Plex
  40. Scintillation
  41. Shimmer Verb — shimmer effect, see below
  42. Sirocco
  43. Subtone Shimmer
  44. The Cyntherians

More information is in the Owner's Manual.


The block supports Spillover between presets.


The Plex Shift type and Shimmer Verb type both produce the shimmer effect. The Shimmer Verb type is a little easier to dial in (increase Shimmer Intensity), but don't overlook the power of the Plex Shift type. The Plex Shift is even a little less CPU-hungry. Check out the UNDULATOR factory preset.

The Reverb block can also create shimmer reverb effects.



There's an adjustable filter in the block's wet signal. Filter can be any of the standard types (all types except comb filter types). Frequency, Q and Gain are modifiable.

Crossfade / Granule Length

The Cross-fade parameter has been removed.

For the Plex Detune type, the Cross-fade parameter has been renamed Granule Length.

Shimmer Intensity

This parameter is available for the Shimmer Verb only. It defaults to 4. You may get better results when increased.

Envelope follower

The Plex Delay has its own envelope follower, allowing volume swells.

The Owner's Manual recommends these settings: Threshold -70, Attack 400, Release 15.


When HOLD is activated, the wet input to the block is muted and feedback is set to infinity. This can be used to achieve pad sounds and drone notes/chords.

When set to STACK, incoming audio is stacked on existing audio and held.

Hold/Stack can be controlled with an External controller. When attaching a pedal to Off/Stack/Hold, Heel is Off, Stack is middle and Toe is Hold.

Decay Time

This is similar to the Feedback parameter in the regular Delay block.


Values beyond +/-100% increase the apparent image beyond the stereo field.

Low Cut, High Cut


[1] When using the Plex Verb the Low Cut and High Cut are very powerful controls. For pad-like sounds try Low Cut around 250 and High Cut around 2K. Experiment with different values to create different textures.

Tips, tricks and troubleshooting

Factory presets

The Plex Delay block is showcased in many factory presets. Search the Factory presets page for Plex.