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Plex Delay block

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Plex Delay block.png

Available on which Fractal Audio products

  • Axe-Fx III: 2x.
  • Axe-Fx II: see Multi Delay.
  • AX8: see Multi Delay.
  • FX8: see Multi Delay.

X/Y and channels

  • Axe-Fx III: 4 channels.
  • Axe-Fx II: see Multi Delay.
  • AX8: see Multi Delay.
  • FX8: see Multi Delay.


The Plex Delay block (Axe-Fx III exclusive) provides up to 8 delay lines in a feedback arrangement for ethereal “shimmer” effects. Previously part of the Multi Delay block in the AX8, FX8 and Axe-Fx II.

It provides these effect types:

  • Plex Delay
  • Plex Detune
  • Plex Shift.

More information in the Owner's Manual.


Parameters table

Parameter Axe-Fx III Axe-Fx II (Multi Delay) AX8, FX8 (Multi Delay)
Type yes
Config - Number of Delays yes
Config - Decay Time yes
Config - Diffusion yes
Config - Low Cut, High Cut yes
Masters - Input Gain yes
Masters - Master Time yes
Masters - Master Level yes
Masters - Master Pan yes
Delay Time 1-8 yes
Tempo 1-8 yes
Level 1-8 yes
Pan 1-8 yes
Envelope Controller - Threshold, Attack, Release yes
Plex Detune - Crossfade yes
Plex Detune - Detune 1-8 yes
Plex Detune - Master Detune yes
Plex Shift - Direction yes
Plex Shift - Shift 1-8 yes
Ducker Attenuation yes
Ducker Threshold yes
Ducker Release Time yes
Input Diffusion, Diffusion Time yes
LFO Depth, LFO Rate yes
LFO Tempo yes


Diffusion Mix on the Axe-Fx III is the same as Input Diffusion on the Axefx II.

Envelope follower

The Plex Delay has its own envelope follower, allowing volume swells. The manual recommends: Threshold -70, Attack 400 and Release 15.


Camilo Velandia's Plex demo.