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Multitap Delay block

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Available on which products

  • Axe-Fx III: 2 blocks
  • FM3: 1 block
  • FM9: 1 blocks
  • Axe-Fx II: no
  • AX8: no
  • FX8: no

Channels or X/Y switching

  • Axe-Fx III and FM9 and FM3: 4 channels

What is the Multitap Delay

The Multitap Delay is a dedicated effect block in firmware Ares and later.

On the Axe-Fx II, AX8 and FX8, its functionality is part of the Multi Delay block.

More information in the Owner's Manual

Factory presets

The MTD block is showcased in some factory presets. Search the Factory presets page for "multitap".

Using the Multitap Delay as a chorus

Individual delay lines in the Multitap Delay block can act a choruses. Each delay line has a LFO. The rate and depth of each LFO is individually adjustable. These add to the main LFOs which modulate each delay line at the same frequency but different phases. By using short delay times the Multitap Delay block can act as four parallel choruses, each with independent rate and depth.

"Four fully independent chorus voices, each with its own LFO and fully parametric control of time, level, pan, and tone, plus two global LFOs? It's a more versatile and powerful unit than a Tri-Chorus or the previous Fractal Audio "Quad Chorus", and in my quick experiments, easy to dial in so it sounds GREAT. Did I mention Feedback? It's actually a QUAD-CHORO-FLANGE! And you have two of them? audio I'm also thrilled to be using just one block to recreate my trust Ibanez BC-9, which was simply a 2-voice chorus with separate rate and depth on the left and the right. That unit has some very cool sounds." [1]

The Quad Chorus block in the previous hardware generation has not been migrated to the Axe-Fx III, FM3 and FM9. For similar effect, use the Multitap Delay block.

"You can use the Multitap Delay block as four choruses." [2]

Adding ring modulation to delays

Single-sideband (SSB) ring modulators can be used to create strange and interesting echo sounds. To defeat the modulators, turn Master Ring Mod Mix to 0.

Built-in Envelope follower

The Multitap Delay has its own Envelope Follower, allowing volume swells.

The Owner's Manual recommends these settings: Threshold -70, Attack 400, Release 15.


Parameter Axe-Fx III / FM3 / FM9
Type yes
Config yes
Input Select yes
Global Mix yes
Master Time yes
Master Feedback yes
Master Level yes
Master Pan yes
Master Frequency yes
Master Q yes
Master LFO Rate yes
Master LFO Depth yes
Master Filter Freq yes
Master Filter Q yes
Master Chorus Rate yes
Master Chorus Depth yes
Master Comb Time yes
Master Comb Depth yes
Master Ring Mod Freq yes
Master Ring Mod Mix yes
Drive yes
Diffusion Mix yes
Diffusion Time yes
Threshold yes
Attenuation yes
Release Time yes
Envelope Follower:
Threshold yes
Attack Time yes
Release Time yes
Time 1-4 yes
Tempo 1-4 yes
Feedback 1-4 yes
Level 1-4 yes
Pan 1-4 yes
Feedback Send yes
Feedback Return yes
Type yes
Frequency yes
Q yes
Gain yes
Low Cut, High Cut yes
Low Cut Slope, Hi Cut Slope yes
LFO 1,2 Type yes
LFO 1,2 Rate yes
LFO 1,2 Tempo yes
LFO 1,2 Depth yes
LFO 1,2 Phase yes
Frequency 1-4 yes
Q 1-4 yes
Filter LFO Type yes
Filter LFO Rate yes
Filter LFO Tempo yes
Filter LFO Depth yes
Filter LFO Phase yes
Chorus 1-4 Rate yes
Chorus 1-4 Depth yes
Chorus LFO 1-4 Rate yes
Chorus LFO 1-4 Depth yes
Comb Filter Type yes
Comb Filter 1-4 Time yes
Comb Filter 1-4 Feedbck yes
Ring Mod 1-4 Freq yes
Ring Mod 1-4 Mix yes

Tips and tricks

Tutorial by Leon Todd