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About FracTool

Forum member and programmer AlGrenadine provides a handy utility for Fractal Audio's processors: FracTool.

FracTool manages presets and cabs and does a lot more. It complements Fractal Audio's own editors. It works with and without a connection to the processor.

YouTube demo

FracPad III is donationware. Don't forget to make a donation if FracTool helps you accomplishing things.

FracTool is constantly being improved. It will automatically update.

For a list of its current features, check the download thread above. Below is a shortlist of features.

Processor-specific notes

Axe-Fx II and AX8

Conversion of presets between FAS devices

  • Opens Axe-Fx II XL and XL+ presets on Axe-Fx II and Mark II devices, and performs offline conversion
  • Opens Axe-Fx II presets on AX8 and FX8 devices, and vice versa, and performs offline conversion
  • Converts Tone Match data, exports to WAV
  • Converts Preset/Cab bundles
  • Converts Block files
  • Strips Global Block data

Auditioning and viewing

  • Shows the list of cabs being used by presets
  • Lists the presets in which a specific cab is being used
  • Shows the layout of a preset, online and offline
  • Shows a block parameters, online and offline
  • Exports blocks from a preset
  • Auditions single or multiple presets, cabs, and banks
  • Creates banks from presets, converts banks into presets
  • Renames presets and cabs
  • Auto-auditions presets and cabs by using a timer

Amp models

  • Compares amp models without changing parameters
  • Resets specific parameters

Batch Setter

  • Set, increase, or decrease a parameter in multiple presets


  • Exports grid and parameters values to PDF, CSV, XML or HTML
  • Supports Axe-Change
  • Auto-updates itself
  • Supports ZIP-files

Check the forum thread for an actual list of features

Axe-Fx III

Same support as for the Axe-Fx II and more.

FracTool can convert FM3/Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+ presets and AX8 and FX8 presets, to make them load in the Axe-Fx III. Backwards conversion is not supported.


Same support as for the Axe-Fx III.

FracTool can convert Axe-Fx III/II/XL/XL+ presets and AX8 and FX8 presets, to make them load in the FM3. Backwards conversion is not supported.


To be announced.


FracTool supports the FX8. There are limitations because of differences in the architecture of the FX8:

  • Parallel paths are not processed when converting to Axe-Fx and AX8
  • Only the first 8 blocks of Axe-Fx and AX8 presets are processed when converting to FX8