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  • Forum member and programmer AlGrenadine has created a handy tablet/smartphone editor for the Axe-Fx II and AX8: FracPad. It provides all the tools to edit and manage presets, blocks etc. without having to connect a desktop computer or laptop.
  • More information on the forum.
  • FracPad is commercial software, available for Android (6.0+) and iOS.

Connecting FracPad to Android devices

  • This requires a compatible USB adapter, called "USB OTG". This works on AX8 and Axe-Fx II models.
  • No trustworthy wireless solution (Bluetooth) has been found yet.

Connecting FracPad to iOS devices

  • Wired:
    • USB (wired): a wired connection between FracPad and the AX8 must be USB. That's because The AX8 doesn't support editing through MIDI. Use the "USB camera adapter" for Apple devices.
    • MIDI (wired): a wired connection between FracPad and the Axe-Fx II must be MIDI. That's because the Axe-Fx II doesn't provide a USB host. Use a 3rd party iOS MIDI interface sucha as iRig2 MIDI, or a general purpose USB-MIDI interface like Roland's UM-One in conjunction with the "USB camera adapter" for Apple devices.
  • Wireless (Bluetooth):
    • AX8: use Yamaha UD-BT01. Verify that it runs firmware 1.03 or later (use the Yamaha UD/MD utility, available on the US appstore). Launch the app "Midimittr" (AppStore), followed by FracPad.
    • Axe-Fx II: Yamaha MD-BT01 is recommended. This will requires the use of the MIDI IN and OUT ports. Launch the app "Midimittr" (AppStore), followed by FracPad.
    • About Bluetooth:
      • Bluetooth Low Energy is required, so make sure that your iOS device handles Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0+). This requires at least an iPad 3 or iPhone 4s (source).
      • Bluetooth operations are not officially supported, so "use at your own risk".
    • How to establish a wireless connection using Yamaha's UD-BT01 or MD-BT01 (YouTube).