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Firmware release notes - FM3

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Improved FM3-Edit preset switching time when certain blocks are present.​

Improved USB audio performance and stability, reduced recording latency.​

Clarified polarity options under I/O: Pedal: Switch Settings.​

Improved how the position of pedals is detected after startup.​

Fixed “banner messages” the Tools page of the layout menu.​

Parameter values now update when changed via a modifier.​

FM3-Edit now honors the global setting for “Default Scene”.​

Fixed “Astable” LFO type.​

Fixed audio drop in Shred Distortion type.​

Fixed MIDI clock sync issues.​

Scratchpads now properly initialize on boot.​

Added “OUTPUT 2” as an option for “USB 3,4 Record Source”​

LEDs and Display will no longer illuminate when FM3 is powered off with USB connected.​

FC: LED rings for Looper functions will now be OFF if the Looper is not in the preset.​

FC: “LOOPER BLOCK NOT FOUND IN THIS PRESET” message now shown when appropriate.​

FC: Advanced Switch Page no longer be blank after the FC banner has been displayed.​

FC: The Tuner now exits in all cases after using “Reveal Hold”.​

FC: Loading Factory Default Layouts now correctly initializes Layout Link Views.​

FC: Fixed stand in switches sometimes not responding to the first press.​


Fixed an issue that was causing instability in some cases.


Added support for FM3-Edit Scene Manager.

Fix interaction of Global Scales with the FM3-Edit.

USB “DI” recording levels corrected.

Looper “Undo” now works as it does on the Axe-Fx III.

Preset storing is now faster.

Knob D on the HOME screen now changes the “FC View” within the current layout of the FM3.

When Tuner is assigned as a hold function, you can now exit the Tuner with a single tap.

The following blocks have been updated with changes from their counterparts on the Axe-Fx-III: Chorus, Compressor, Drive, Enhancer, Filter, Flanger, Formant, Gate, Graphic EQ, Input, Send, Return, Looper, Megatap, Phaser. The features and CPU usage of these blocks may have changed, and any presets that contain them should be checked.

Output2 Global EQ feature added to SETUP: Global Settings.

When using the “Output 2 Copy” feature (in SETUP: I/O) the options “INPUT 1” and “OUTPUT 1” now produce increased level at Out 2 to better match the level at Out 1 without.

FC: Stand-in switches now help prevent false triggering if no switch is plugged in.

FC: Display now shows looper “Record 2nd Press” function (OVERDUB, PLAY, or STOP).

FC: Tap tempo now works across all Views.

FC: “View” functions are now available when creating per-preset switches.

FC: Tap tempo now works when using a stand-in switch.

FC: “View Inc” and “View Dec” mini-LCD now works when when "Destination #" is selected.

FC: The MLM and certain View functions now work as intended on a connected FC-6.

FC: The main LCD will now display the correct first preset in the bank if the Global Setting for "Display Offset" is set to '1.'


Small changes to some amp types.


Initial firmware release on the first shipped units.

No release notes.