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FX Loop block

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The information on this page supplements the official manuals.

FXL: supported by which Fractal Audio products?

  • Axe-Fx II: yes.
  • FX8: no.
  • AX8: yes.

FXL and X/Y switching

  • The FXL block doesn't support X/Y switching.

FXL versus Echo Output 2

  • An FXL block in a preset overrides the system parameter "Echo Output 2".

FXL: Axe-x II versus AX8

  • The functionality is the same except for this:
    • On the Axe-Fx II there is a sensor on Input 2. If nothing is connected to Input 2, the effects loop will not run. source
    • The AX8 doesn't have this sensor. This means that on the AX8 you always have to put FXL in a branched off (parallel) path, if you use it to for a separate output signal.

Various FXL notes

  • The Level parameter in the FXL block affects the signal flow to the block AFTER the FXL block, not the signal to OUT 2.
  • If you use FXL as an auxiliary output (OUT 2) and connect it to the end of the grid, turn down its Level to prevent passing signal to OUT 1.
  • The FXL block's output level is stored per scene.
  • Change FXL from stereo to split.
  • You can use the FXL block to integrate computer effects. Set I/O > USB Digi Source to: OUT 2. source

Using FXL to send a signal from Input 2 to Output 2

  • You can add an instrument, music player etc. to Input 2 and send its signal to Output 2 as follows:
    1. Connect the external gear to Input 2.
    2. Select the correct Input Mode for Input 2 in I/O > Audio.
    3. Add a Feedback Return block to a separate row. Set Mix and Level to 100, to start with.
    4. Add a FXL block after Feedback Return (and effect blocks if desired). Set Level at 100.
    5. Add a Feedback Send block after FXL, with Send at 100.
    6. Turn up Output Level on the front panel to get signal out.
  • The described routing lets the signal from Input 2 enter the grid through FXL, to be processed by the effect blocks after FXL. FXL's Level parameter sends signal to Feedback Send, which routes the signal back to Feedback Return. From there it enters FXL again, but this time to send the signal to Output 2.
  • If you want this routing to go to Output 1 as well, connect Feedback Send to the grid's output. But be aware that this causes extremely loud and high-pitched feedback when nothing is connected to Input 2 !!
  • If you want to add signal from Input 1 to Output 2, connect that row to FXL.