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FASLINK is a proprietary Fractal Audio communications link between the Axe-Fx series processors and the MFC-101 resp. FC controller over an XLR cable. FASLINK has replaced previous connection methods: MIDI and Ethernet. XLR cables (microphone cables) are common, flexible and robust. Runs of hundreds of feet are possible. FASLINK provides two-way communication and phantom power.

There are two versions:

  • FASLINK (original) – Connects the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101.
  • FASLINK II – Connects the Axe-Fx III and FC foot controller(s), featuring a new protocol. Length limit is 100 feet (source).


Which Fractal Audio products support FASLINK

Axe-Fx III – Built-in FASLINK II support.

Axe-Fx II XL and XL+ – Built-in FASLINK support.

Axe-Fx II Mark I and II – FASLINK adapter needed to convert wiring from Ethernet/Ethercon to XLR.

MFC-101 Mark III – Built-in FASLINK support.

MFC-101 Mark I and II – FASLINK adapter needed to convert wiring from Ethernet/Ethercon to XLR.

FC controllers – Built-in FASLINK II support.

Setting up FASLINK

Axe-Fx III – Connect the FASLINK cable between the Axe-Fx III and FC controller.

Axe-Fx II – Turn on FASLINK in the I/O menu.

MFC-101 – Select the correct port in the MFC settings. WARNING: do NOT connect a power supply to the MFC-101 when using FASLINK!

"The FASLINK port is protected against shorts." source

Adapters for older hardware

The FASLINK XA-1 and XA-2 adapters convert the wiring on older Axe-Fx II and MFC-101 hardware (see above) from Ethernet/Ethercon to XLR. These adapters are "active" (source). They can be bought directly from Fractal Audio's online shop and G66.

The adapters do not support FASLINK II.

XA-1 diagram.png

XA-2 diagram.png

FASLINK adapters.png

More information in the FASLINK Setup Guide