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FAS-FX Reverb plugin

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What is FAS-FX Reverb

Product information:

"FAS-FX Reverb is an exquisite reverb plugin which, in the continuing tradition of Fractal Audio Systems, puts sound quality above all else. Based on the highly-acclaimed Reverb algorithms from the legendary Axe-Fx II guitar processor, FAS-FX reverb takes quality to the next level by utilizing the full resources of your DAW to create spectacular reverbs—from a whisper of natural ambience, to sophisticated spaces, to vintage springs and plates, to the dreamy infinity of space, you'll find it all here. FAS-FX Reverb is remarkably easy to use, with features designed specifically for the way modern professionals record and mix. Our expert UI team worked with a pro panel of Fractal Audio endorsers, artists, engineers, and producers—including multiple Grammy winners—to define the ultimate reverb experience. Flexible, precise, and intuitive, it does exactly what you need while staying out of your way to avoid disrupting the creative flow."


  • True-stereo reverb processing (plus parametric controls of stereo width).
  • Delivers the sound of the legendary Axe-Fx II reverbs, and beyond.
  • Incredibly versatile Chamber, Hall, Plate, Room, Spring, Tunnel and Studio algorithms,
  • Easy to use interface keeps the basics at your fingertips but offers great depth across different pages.
  • Take control of advanced parameters for Tail and Early reflections.
  • EQ your reverb with a built-in "wet-only" 4-band parametric equalizer.
  • Innovative "ducker" emphasizes reverb during spaces while letting tracks punch through.
  • Extensive preset collection—and still growing!
  • File-based User Presets are easy to manage and share.
  • Persistent "Mix" control lets you set up for parallel buss or track and still step through presets.

Fractal Audio user forum

Buy FAS-FX Reverb

Buy FAS-FX Reverb


  • AU or VST (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • AAX Native (64-bit): requires Pro Tools 11 or newer. Will not run as an AAX DSP plug-in, only AAX Native


  • AU and VST (64-bit). No 32-bit version
  • AAX Native (64-bit): requires Pro Tools 11 or newer. Will not run as an AAX DSP plug-in, only AAX Native

The plugin is copy-protected but does not require a hardware dongle.

FAS-FX Reverb requires activation using the free iLok License Manager from The manager allows you to activate the plugin WITH or WITHOUT a physical iLok2 "dongle" but you will need an Internet connection. Simply install the free manager and select "Redeem Activation Code" from the "Licenses" menu. Paste or type your activation code. Codes are emailed from Fractal Audio Systems within one business day of your order.

Get iLok License Manager

Reverb types

The FAS-FX Reverb presets are based on several algorithms (types), such as Chamber, Hall, Plate, Room, Spring, Tunnel and Studio.

The plugin provides a lot of presets. Some of these are modeled after famous reverb units. For example, the London Plate preset is probably based on the EMT 140.

Read this: Reverb block

True stereo reverb

"The plugin keeps stereo sources separated, so a stereo orchestra in your virtual concert hall will have individual instruments or sections placed accordingly on the reverb sound stage." source
"It's actually superior to the Axe-Fx II reverb in that it is true stereo and has twice the density." source


Garageband issue

If Garageband doesn't detect the plugin, empty its cache by deleting the files in <user>\Library\Caches\AudioUnitCache.