Always consult the official Owners Manuals and Guides first.
Information about the FM3 may be incomplete or wrong, it's being worked on.

Effects list

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Effects comparison table

The Owner's Manuals also list the effects in each processor.

Axe-Fx II AX8 FX8 Axe-Fx III
Amp (2) Amp - Amp (2)
Cab (2) Cab - Cab (2)
Chorus (2) Chorus Chorus (2) Chorus (2)
Compressor/Dynamics (2) Compressor/Dynamics Compressor/Dynamics (2) Compressor/Dynamics (2)
Controllers (per preset) Controllers (per preset) Controllers (per preset) Controllers (per preset)
Crossover (2) - - Crossover (2)
Delay (2) Delay (2) Delay (2) Delay (4)
Drive (2) Drive (2) Drive (2) Drive (4)
Effects Loop Effects Loop - -
Enhancer Enhancer Enhancer Enhancer (2)
Feedback Send/Return - - Feedback Send/Return (2)
Filter (4) Filter (2) Filter (2) Filter (4)
Flanger (2) Flanger Flanger (2) Flanger (2)
Formant Formant Formant Formant (2)
Gate/Expander (2) Gate/Expander Gate/Expander (2) Gate/Expander (4)
Graphic EQ (4) Graphic EQ (2) Graphic EQ (2) Graphic EQ (4)
Input Input Input Input (5)
Looper Looper Looper (global) Looper
Megatap Delay - Megatap Delay Megatap Delay (2)
Mixer (2) - - Mixer (4)
Multi Delay (2) Multi Delay Multi Delay Multitap Delay / Plex Delay / Ten Tap Delay
Multiband Compressor (2x) - - Multiband Compressor (2x)
- - - Multiplexer
- - - Multitap Delay (2)
Noise gate (per preset) Noise gate (per preset) Noise gate (per preset) Noise gate (per Input block)
Output mixer (per preset) Output mixer (per preset) Output mixer (per preset) Output block (4)
Parametric EQ (4) Parametric EQ (2) Parametric EQ (2) Parametric EQ (4)
Phaser (2) Phaser Phaser (2) Phaser (4)
Pitch (2) Pitch Pitch Pitch (2)
- - - Plex Delay
QuadChorus (2x) - - -
- - - Real-Time Analyzer
- - Relay (2) -
Resonator (2) - - Resonator (2)
Reverb (2) Reverb Reverb (2) Reverb (2)
Ring Modulator Ring Modulator Ring Modulator Ring Modulator
Rotary (2) Rotary Rotary (2) Rotary (2)
- - - Scene MIDI block
Synth (2) Synth Synth Synth (2)
- - - Ten-Tap Delay
Tone Match - - Tone Match
Tremolo/Panner (2) Tremolo/Panner Tremolo/Pan (2) Tremolo/Panner (2)
Vocoder - - Vocoder
Volume/Pan (4) Volume/Pan (2) Volume/Pan (2) Volume/Pan (4)
Wah (2) Wah Wah (2) Wah (2)

Effect blocks with support for X/Y switching

Read this: X/Y switching.

Effect blocks with support for channels (Axe-Fx III)

Read this: Channels.

M@'s comments about effects in the FX8

M@ (source):

"First: like the Axe-Fx, the FX8 provides more than models when it comes to effects. It is more like a platform that can be used to innovate as well as imitate. Therefore, a list of effects on the FX8 is limited only in terms of what happens to be provided "in the box". Secondly, you'll notice my list includes BLOCKS (ALL CAPS) and underneath them, "Types". The types fall in to two groups. For some effect blocks -- like CHORUS for instance -- changing type is like selecting a mini preset just for that effect: it changes all of the settings to easily dial in a sound with only one knob. You can then adjust as desired, even turning one "type" into another. For other effect blocks -- like PITCH SHIFTER -- changing type is almost like changing to a totally different effect. The whole algorithm is different. You can then adjust as desired. If you're using the free FX8-Edit software, you can even save fully dialed-in blocks to your computer to share or use any time in your own presets. It's like an infinite effects locker. To address your specific question about drives, the G3 Drive block is accurate, but also very versatile. With controls to recreate the tone you love from your favorite analog pedals, but also go further, with XY capability for two "channels" out of a single drive effect, plus a built-in equalizer. Finally, I should mention that as I type this in summer 2015, this list is bound to grow as firmware updates bring new options to the FX8."