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About the software editors

The software editors for Fractal Audio's processors are available for Windows and Mac.


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Editing on a tablet or smartphone


Fractal Audio's software editors require a Windows or Mac computer and a USB connection.

If you want to edit and control the processor with a tablet or smartphone, you need alternative solutions. Some suggestions:

  • Extend the computer screen to a separate tablet (wired or wireless) using tools built in the OS, or a software utility such as Duet Display (Mac/iOS), or a combined hardware+software solution such as Luna Display. This lets you move the editor screen to the tablet and use its touchscreen for editing.
  • Run FracPad, forum member AlGrenadine's mobile app for Fractal Audio's processors. It runs on Android and iOS devices and provides almost all features of the official editors, and more.


MIDI.png Usb.png

FX8 and AX8 — The editor communicates with the hardware via USB, without requiring a 3rd-party MIDI Interface or driver. Editing via MIDI is not supported.

Axe-Fx II — The editor communicates with the hardware via USB or MIDI. USB requires installing an USB host driver first. USB Adapter Mode must be disabled to prevent slowing down Axe-Edit.

Axe-Fx III and FM9 and FM3 — The editor communicates with the hardware via USB.

The above applies to Fractal-Bot too.

Note: when using a USB-C to USB adapter on a newer Apple computer, plug the USB-C adapter into a the port on the Mac first, allow it several seconds to “wake up” and then connect a USB cable and the unit into the adapter.


Don't run an editor and Fractal-Bot simultaneously


Running Fractal-Bot and a software editor at the same time can cause conflicts. Try to avoid this.

Google Chrome

"There is a known issue with Chrome seizing MIDI ports (both physical and virtual MIDI-over-USB ports) as part of some misguided MIDI over the internet idea. Since the AX-8 is USB 1.1 it only allows one connection so if Chrome grabs it then AX-8 Edit won't be able to use it. Unfortunately Google seems uninterested in fixing it." [1]

"Chrome definitely can hijack the MIDI over USB port on the AX8. When that happens, it's not enough to just close the browser, you have to ensure that it is not running in the background. Fractal Audio has tested and confirmed this." [2]

Apple Logic

If you're experiencing issues running the Axe-Fx III, Axe-Edit III and Apple Logic, read this for a solution.


If you get an error message regarding MSVCP140.DLL, download and install the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Update.