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The Volume / Pan block is a simple level and pan control block. It allows you to insert level and pan controls at any point in the routing matrix. It is a great way to control the level into or out of effects using an expression pedal.

Volume - controls the amount of volume cut

Balance - Pan signal left or right

Taper - allows for different volume curves

Slow Gear

To create a Slow Gear effect, take the Volume block and attach an ADSR controller to the VOLUME knob. Configure the ADSR MODE for SUST and put RETRIG ON. Set the DECAY and RELEASE to zero, and the LEVEL parameter to the max. (SUSTAIN doesn't really matter.) Adjust the THRSHLD to somewhere around -50 dB where it will trigger when you play a note (and not stay open with background noise).

The ADSR's ATTACK control now determines the speed at which the input signal ramps to full volume.