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The most important troubleshooting tips







Things to check when there's no sound


If the unit or a preset doesn't produce any sound, check the following:

  • Device has latest firmware installed.
  • Input is connected to Output on the grid through blocks or shunts.
  • Bypass Mode in bypassed blocks is not set to “Mute”.
  • Axe-Fx III and FM3: the physical output corresponds with the Output block on the grid.
  • Blocks are set to the correct X/Y state or channel.
  • The Cab block is not set to an empty user cab slot.
  • Volume block with attached controller is not set to zero volume.
  • Output level knobs on hardware are turned up.
  • FX8 has correct "pre/post" preset config.
  • Volume pedal is not muting the signal.
  • Noise Gate (in Input block or separate block) doesn't have its Threshold set too high.
  • Scene output level in Output block is turned up.
  • USB: Level is turned up in I/O.
  • AES / SPDIF: Level is turned up in I/O.

Handy meters on the Axe-Fx III and FM3

The Axe-Fx III and FM3 make it easy to see if and where the signal flow is interrupted:

  1. Go to Layout > Meters to see meters for all blocks in the preset.
  2. Check the Input and Output meters on the front/top panel to verify that there’s an input and output signal.
  3. Check the blocks to detect any issues.

Test tone

If you want to make sure that the hardware is capable of generating sound, create a simple test tone:

  1. Add a Synth block and connect it to the grid output.
  2. Select the Sine wave and turn off Tracking.