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Tempo menu

When tapping the Tempo button on the processor hardware or Tempo switch, the Tempo menu appears on the hardware GUI. It will disappear after a few seconds. Some devices let you specify how long it stays on-screen (Global menu).

On the Axe-Fx III, the Tempo button is also a shortcut to the Controllers menu.

Global or per preset

You can specify in the Tempo menu if you want the set tempo to apply to all presets (Global) or per preset (Preset).


The Controllers block in firmware Ares has 4 channels. This means that presets can have 4 different tempos. This allows setting tempo per scene.

Tap tempo calculation

The Global menu lets you specify how Tap Tempo works:

Average — averages the tempo to the last 10 taps. Usually a wise choice if you can't get the first taps right, and the default setting

Last Two — uses only the most recent two taps to determine the tempo. Acts faster but also less precise

Tap Tempo needs at least two taps to calculate.

Forum discussion

Syncing effects to tempo

You can assign effect parameters such as Time or Rate to a specific tempo, like 1/4 or 1/8 Dotted, instead of specifying the number of milliseconds. That will make the effect depend on the global or preset tempo. Tapping a different tempo will change the rate of the effect.

Important: after assigning a parameter to a tempo, you can no longer adjust the time in the effect manually!

Accuracy of the tempo LED

"The tempo LED is handled by a low-priority thread so it isn't rock solid and the higher the CPU usage the less solid it will be." source


The Tempo menu contains a metronome. Read this: Metronome

Remote control


Scroll to the Tempo CC in the I/O menu and hit Enter. Click the switch on the footswitch that you want to assign the Tuner to.

Or configure it manually by assigning the Tuner MIDI CC to a switch on a MIDI controller.


The default MIDI CC for the Tuner is 14 on the Axe-Fx II, AX8 and FX8. Keep it like this to avoid issues.

The Axe-Fx III lets you set the Tuner CC manually in the I/O menu.

FM3: to be added... @@


The MFC-101 MIDI foot controller has a dedicated Tempo command for the Axe-Fx II, when it's running in Axe-Fx Mode.

FC controllers

The FC-6 and FC-12 foot controllers for the Axe-Fx III have a dedicated Tempo command.

MIDI Clock

Read this: MIDI Clock

Tips and tricks

Tempo and Beats Per Minute (BPM)

The Owner's Manuals lists the Tempo values with the BPM equivalents.

BPM on the PERFORM screen

If you add Controllers > Tempo as the first control on the PERFORM screen on the Axe-Fx III, you'll always see the preset's BPM value when switching presets from your foot controller.

Auto-activate a delay by tapping Tempo

Read this: Delay block

SysEx commands for tempo

Here's a list of all SysEx commands for each tempo setting in the Delay block in the Axe-Fx II XL.

Bleed-through tempo noise

Audible bleed-through of the tempo signal can occur if the MIDI cable is not properly shielded. Use high-quality, properly shielded MIDI cables.