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Tremolo/Panner block

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Tremolo/Panner: supported by which Fractal Audio products

Tremolo/Panner: X/Y switching or channels

Position of the Tremolo/Panner block

If the Tremolo block is placed before the Amp block and there's a lot of amp gain, the tremolo effect will be attenuated. Adjust the waveform or the Duty parameter in the Tremolo block too emphasize the pulse. Or move the block after the Amp block.

Depth is Mix

There's no Mix parameter In the Tremolo block. Depth is the same as Mix, because a tremolo's modulation is volume-based.

"Mix makes no sense in a tremolo as it is the same as reducing the depth." source

Start tremolo on the beat

You can make the Tremolo start on the beat (triggered) by using the Start Phase parameter.

Use other effects to create a tremolo effect

Amp block tremolo

The Amp block provides its own tremolo effect: Bias Tremolo. Its effect depends on the specific amp model.

Read more: Amp block.

Ring Modulator as a tremolo

You can configure the Ring Modulator to act as a tremolo, by turning down Frequency all the way.

Flanger as a tremolo

You can even turn a Flanger into a tremolo.

Panner effect

The Panner pans the signal left and right, just like a ping pong delay. This requires the signal not being summed to mono after the Tremolo/Panner block.

More tremolo information

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