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The information on this page supplements the official manuals.



Tap Tempo modes in the Global menu

The Global menu lets you set the Tap Tempo operating mode:

Tempo menu

When tapping the Tempo button or switch, the Tempo menu appears. It will disappear after a few seconds. You can specify in the Global menu how long it should stay on-screen.

Global Tempo and Preset Tempo

You can specify in the Tempo menu whether you want tempo to be set globally (across all presets) or per preset.

Tempo LED accuracy

Fractal Audio:
"The tempo LED is handled by a low-priority thread so it isn't rock solid and the higher the CPU usage the less solid it will be. The metronome, however, is perfectly accurate." source

Tempo through MIDI

Tempo information is sent to other devices through MIDI syex. This can be disabled in the I/O menu (Send Realtime Sysex parameter).

Ticking tempo noise

Audible bleed-through of the tempo signal can occur when the MIDI cable is not properly shielded.


Fractal Audio devices can emit a metronome signal. The metronome is located in the Tempo menu. You can start the metronome using a switch (assigned to the Metronome's MIDI CC) or through the Tempo menu.

The metronome plays through Output 1 only!

Auto-activate a Delay using Tap Tempo

If the parameter Auto Delay in the Tempo menu is “ON,” any delay blocks that are bypassed will become active whenever a tempo is tapped in. This allows you to set the tempo and un-bypass your delay block(s) from a single footswitch.

MIDI CCs for Tempo and Metronome

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