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Stereo Enhancer block

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Stereo Enhancer: supported by which Fractal Audio products

Stereo Enhancer: X/Y switching or channels

Classic or Modern mode

"Classic enhancer mode is just a delay on one side (adjustable from 0 to 20 ms) plus pan & phase adjustment. The non-delayed side will tend to seem louder, just like if you used a delay block to get the same delay time." Bakerman

Input and output: mono/stereo

Tips and tricks

Widen the Panner

Make the stereo Panner (Tremolo/Panner block) effect appear fuller and wider by adding the Enhancer.

Alternatives to Stereo Enhancer

"Another way would be to use the Delay block. Set the Mix to 100%, dial in the desired amount of delay and set Balance to full right." source


Avoid phase cancellation and comb filtering

When summing a stereo signal to mono, the Enhancer in Classic mode can cause phase cancellation. The Modern Mode is mono-compatible to prevent this.

"Never put the enhancer in parallel or you'll get phasing problems. That's why there is no bypass mode because it should always be in series." source
"The Modern Enhancer will survive collapsing to mono but any enhancer should be used judiciously, especially for recordings." source

More information.

More information about the Stereo Enhancer

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