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RJM Mastermind GT

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RJM Mastermind GT

The MMGT is a powerful MIDI controller with a dedicated display for each switch (scribble strips).

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MIDI connection and power

To provide phantom power to the MMGT, you need the separate RJM phantom power box. The box connects to the MMGT with a 7-pin MIDI cable, and to the Axe-Fx with a 5-pin MIDI cable. Do not connect the MMGT's power supply to the phantom power input at the rear of the Axe-Fx, connnect it to the phantom power box.

SP1-RJM expression pedal from Mission Engineering

Mission Engineering sells an expression pedal for the MMGT. Its LED is always sync'd and powered by the MMGT. One TRS cable connects to an expression pedal input on the MMGT. Another TRS cable connects the switch on the pedal to an external switch input on the MMGT.

Additional external switches

RJM sells external dual footswitches, which behave just like onboard switches (without the display). You can program these in "System > External Switches". For example, you assign these to X/Y switching, or Scene Increment of Decrement.

RJM Mastermind GT and Axe-Fx III

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RJM Mastermind GT and Axe-Fx II

The MMGT is very flexible. Here's a walkthrough to program it, as an example. Many other possibilities exist. Use the software editor for easy editing.

Yek's first demo on YouTube.

Yek's second demo on YouTube.

RJM Mastermind GT, Axe-Fx II and BandHelper

Forum discussion.

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