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Quad Chorus block

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Available on which Fractal Audio products

  • Axe-Fx III: no (see Multitap Delay)
  • Axe-Fx II: 2 blocks
  • AX8: no
  • FX8: no

X/Y switching and channels

  • Axe-Fx III: n/a
  • Axe-Fx II: no
  • AX8: n/a
  • FX8: n/a

Quad Chorus and CPU usage

The Quad Chorus uses much more CPU than the regular Chorus block.


Read the Axe-Fx II Owner's Manual.

Emulating the Quad Chorus on the Axe-Fx III

The Quad Chorus has not been migrated to the Axe-Fx III. To emulate it on the III, use multiple Chorus blocks or the Multitap Delay block.

"You can use the Multitap block as four choruses." source