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The information on this page supplements the official manuals.



Play music through USB Audio

To play music from a computer through the USB port of the Axe-Fx (USB Audio), connect the computer to the Axe-Fx with a USB cable. The music will be mixed into the signal without any other requirements. The signal is not going through the grid, so there's no need to set I/O > Input to USB. To adjust the volume of the music, adjust the volume in the music application on the computer or use the USB Level parameter in I/O > Audio.

There's no way to route the audio through Output 2.

The AX8 doesn't support USB Audio (input nor output).

Play music through Input 1

You can use Input 1 at the rear of the Axe-Fx to play music from an external audio player.

  1. Connect the music player.
  2. Set Input 1 Mode to: Stereo.
  3. Press the Bypass button to bypass any processing.

Play music through Input 2

You can play music from an audio player through Input 2 on the Axe-Fx and AX8.

  1. Connect the device to Input 2 L/R.
  2. Add a FXL block to enable the signal to enter the grid.
  3. Connect FXL to the grid output to stream the music to Output 1.
  4. If you want the music to play through Output 2, put the FXL block between Feedback Send and Feedback Return blocks This is not possible on the AX8.
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