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Mono and stereo

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Mono or stereo

Effects sound gloriously in stereo. However, when it comes to FOH sound, stereo separation may not translate very well to a live audience. People seldom are in the right spot to hear both sides equally well.

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Setting output to stereo or mono

To get sound in stereo:

When connecting the left and right outputs of the AX8 or Axe-Fx to a mixer, make sure that the two channel strips are hard-panned to the left and right.

To get mono sound:



About the stereo vs. mono and Output Mode settings in I/O (Axe-Fx III Owner's Manual):

Read more in Connecting hardware and setting levels.

Effect blocks and mono/stereo output

Flanger, Chorus and Phaser are mono by default. Use the parameter LFO Phase to switch to stereo.

Everything before an Amp block or Drive block will always be summed to mono. To keep a stereo signal before the Amp block stereo, use two Amp blocks (not supported on the AX8), and adjust Input Select and Balance to make each block handle one side of the signal.

When placing a Cab block at the end of the grid, the output signal will be summed to mono, unless the Cab is set to Stereo mode or when using two panned mono Cab blocks in parallel. When a Cab block is set to Stereo mode but followed by a mono effect such as Drive, the resulting signal will also be summed to mono.

Stereo Enhancer

Read this: Stereo Enhancer block.

Panner effect

The Panner effect (Tremolo/Panner) pans the signal left and right, just like a ping pong delay.

Phase cancellation and comb filtering

Phase cancellation: When two 100% identical audio signals of opposite phase are merged, the result is complete silence.

Comb filtering: Summing two identical audio signals with one slightly delayed, makes a tone sound hollow, thin and glassy.

You need to be careful of phase cancellation and comb filtering when summing a stereo signal (preset) to mono, if it contains effects which invert phase or shift time alignment.

"Hollowness means phase cancellation which typically arises from collapsing to mono somewhere or somehow having the same signal slightly delayed added in somewhere." source

More information:

To avoid this, be aware of the following when running your rig in mono:

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