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Mixer block

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Mixer block: supported by which Fractal Audio products

Mixer: X/Y switching or channels

Mixer in the Output block

Each preset has an output mixer. The Axe-Fx III has an output mixer in every output block. The mixer controls the overall output level of the preset. Its setting can be different for each preset scene. The MIDI-controlled commands VOL INCR and VOL DECR adjust this level.

More information in the Owner's Manual.

Mixer as a separate block

The Axe-Fx II and III provide dedicated Mixer blocks, which can be used to route and adjust the signal on the grid.

More information in the Owner's Manual.

Mixer block in the first column

A Mixer block in the first column on the grid operates differently. Only Gain and Balance for the first row are functional, the other settings are ignored.

Tips and tricks

Mixer as a routing tool

Attach an external controller (switch) to the Mixer for routing purposes.

Example: operating the pedal or switch can enable one row (effect) and bypass another. This lets you use a single pedal to operate as a Wah (Wah block) or a Whammy (Pitch block). More examples.

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