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Megatap block

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Megatap Delay.png

Available on which Fractal Audio products

X/Y and channels

What is it

The Megatap Delay is a 4 second, 64-tap delay line with parametric control of time, amplitude, and panning.

Megatap Delay in the Axe-Fx III

"Time Shape was removed and the algorithm improved so that Time Alpha controls the tap distribution. Values less than 1.0 result in the time between taps decreasing with the tap number. Value greater than 1.0 cause the time to increase. The other shapes just don't sound right so they were removed.

The Megatap Delay has its own envelope follower, allowing volume swells.

Parameters table

Parameter Axe-Fx III Axe-Fx II AX8, FX8
Input Gain yes
Master Level yes
Delay Time yes
Number of Taps yes
Predelay yes
Time Alpha yes
Time Randomize yes
Amplitude Shape, Amplitude Alpha yes
Pan Shape, Pan Alpha yes
Diffusion Mix, Diffusion Time yes
Threshold, Attack, Release yes

Tips and tricks

Forum member and effects wizard Simeon created a load of magnificent delay effects: Simeon's presets.

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