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The information on this page supplements the official manuals.



MFC-101: documentation

MFC-101: Mark I - Mark II - Mark III versions

MFC-101: manufacturing

MFC-101: power and cables

MFC-101: firmware updates

MFC-101: backup and restore

MFC-101: restoring to factory defaults

MFC-101: test mode

MFC-101: LEDs

MFC-101: TotalSync

MFC-101: using two MFC-101s

MFC-101: tuner and tempo information

MFC-101: Axe-Edit

MFC-101: Axe-Fx II XL

MFC-101: software editors

MFC-101: initial configuration

MFC-101: selecting the number of preset/IA switches

MFC-101: Bank Style

MFC-101: Bank/Song Limit and Bank/Song Wrap

MFC-101: Global preset

MFC-101: alternate presets

MFC-101: Backtracking

MFC-101: scenes

MFC-101: PC MIDI channel(s)

MFC-101: assigning IA functionality (Axe-Fx or general MIDI)

MFC-101: carry over IA state when switching presets

MFC-101: grouping / switch linking

MFC-101: methods to switch between amp blocks/settings

MFC-101: turning an IA into a preset switch

MFC-101: engaging/bypassing multiple effects

MFC-101: toggle between two effects

MFC-101: use a single switch to enable some effects and bypass others

MFC-101: switching between two speeds

MFC-101: Songs and Sets

MFC-101: creating a "lead" switch

MFC-101: Panic switch

MFC-101: expression pedal

MFC-101: make a pedal control different effects without switching presets

MFC-101: alternative to auto-engaging

MFC-101: external switch

MFC-101: connecting a expression pedal with switch

MFC-101: troubleshooting

MFC-101: accessories

MFC-101: labels

MFC-101: 3D image

MFC-101: pedalboard pictures

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