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The information on this page supplements the official manuals.

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Variable Input Impedance: supported by which Fractal Audio devices

What is Input Impedance?

It adjusts the way the device interacts with the instrument.

Fractal Audio:

Where to adjust Input Impedance

Axe-Fx II and FX8: Input Impedance is in the GTE/IN menu.

AX8: not supported because of the hardware design.

Fractal Audio:
"The XL+ front input circuit is identical to the AX-8 except the AX-8 doesn't have the variable impedance circuitry." source

Input Impedance and buffers

Fractal Audio:
"A buffer will render the impedance stuff ineffective. It will also add (maybe considerable) noise which may defeat the low-noise advantage of the front input." source

Use Input Impedance to prevent "thump"

Engaging some effects, like Wah or Phaser, can cause an audible "thump". This may be caused by impedance switching. To solve this, change Input Impedance from Auto to (i.e.) 1M.

Fractal Audio:

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