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Help, no sound

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List of things to check

If the unit or a preset doesn't produce any sound, check the following:

  • Device has latest firmware installed.
  • Physical cables are okay.
  • Input is connected to output on the grid (blocks or shunts).
  • Bypass Mode in bypassed blocks is not set to “Mute”.
  • Axe-Fx III: you're using the correct physical outputs, corresponding with the output block on the grid.
  • Blocks are set to the correct X/Y state or channel.
  • The Cab block is not set to an empty user cab slot.
  • Volume block with attached controller is not set to zero volume.
  • Output level knobs on hardware are turned up.
  • FX8 has correct "pre/post" preset config.
  • Volume pedal is not muting the signal.

Generating a test tone

If you want to make sure that the hardware is capable of generating sound, try this:

  1. Add a Synth block and connect it to the grid output
  2. Select the Sine wave and turn off Tracking.
  3. This generates a simple test tone.