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Firmware release notes - Axe-Fx III (sortable)

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Note: the spreadsheet may not contain the latest updates.

Here's a link to Sortable Release Notes for Axe-Fx III.

You may want to know what have been the additions, or changes for all of the release notes. With this spreadsheet, you can filter on the following "types":

  • Add
  • Change
  • Fix
  • Improvement
  • Misc

This file is read-only. In order to filter, you'll need to use the "filter views option."

  1. Open the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Go to the “Data” menu and hover over “Filter views.”
  3. Select Create new filter view. You can also click the down arrow to the right of the filter and select Create new filter view.
  4. Using the down arrows in the column headers, sort and filter the data.
  5. To close your filter view, click the X in the top right. Your filter view is automatically saved.

This view will be unique to you, the viewer and will not effect other users of the Sheet. Having a filtered view also changes the URL, so you can share views by copying and pasting the URL.