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This FAQ provides answers to the most common questions, posted on the Fractal Audio forum. So you may also refer to this page as the FAFQ: Frequently Asked Forum Questions.

Anyone can contribute. All posts must be placed in a category. Use header styles to create new categories and even sub-categories. Questions should be in one single line and always end with a question mark. Answers can be multi-line, multi-block.



Does it hurt the equipment to leave it turned on?


Will sample rates higher than 48kHz be supported?


Which end of a Humbuster cable goes where?

A Humbuster cable has a "mono" (one stripe) and a "stereo" (two stripes) end. The 'stereo" end goes into the output of the Fractal Audio device. More ...

Firmware updates

How do I update the firmware of my device?

Install Fractal-Bot. Go to Fractal Audio's Support page, select your device and download the current firmware file. The zipped file contains a firmware update guide. More ...

After installing new firmware, the unit no longer boots. What should I do?

Invoke the Emergency Boot Loader, then use Fractal-Bot to reinstall the firmware.

I installed new firmware and something is not right. Will reinstalling the firmware fix this?

The official response to this is that reinstalling the same firmware will not fix an issue related to the firmware. More ...

When will the editor be updated to match the firmware that just has been released?

Soon. Editor updates are provided once a new, non-beta, firmware has been released. Updates usually lag by no more than a couple of business days.

I updated to the beta/recent release firmware, and I don't see the new feature in the editor?

Sometimes a new version of the editor has to be released and installed to support the new firmware feature. Wait for the release.

I installed an updated editor, but it still doesn't seem to work right?

If you installed the updated editor that was released to support the new feature, and it won't work as expected, try refreshing definitions.

Where can I get a copy of older versions of the firmware or editor?

Try AxeFX Archive.

Do I need to reset the Amp blocks in my presets after updating the firmware?

No. Only when the firmware release notes tell you do so. More ...

Presets and effects

Why don't I get any sound from this preset?

Click here for a checklist.

Why are all my presets gone?

There can be two causes:

  1. The lithium battery inside the hardware is exhausted. Replace it.
  1. You have installed firmware that is older than the version that was used to create and save the presets. Update the firmware.

Where can I find the names of the real amps on which the models are based?

Here's the list.

Where can I find more information about the stock cabs?

Here's the list.

Why does the volume decrease or increase when I bypass an effect in a parallel row?

You have set the parameters correct for a single effect in as parallel row. Set Mix to 100%, Bypass Mode to Mute In, and set Level as desired (or set Level to 0, and adjust Input Gain). More ...

Is there a generic preamp or power amp block?

No. But you can disable the power amp section of any Amp block by setting Supply Sag to "0". And you can use the TUBE PRE amp model at default settings as a power amp-only block.

How can I decrease the CPU usage of a preset?

Here's a list of things you can do.

Where do I find the Metronome settings?

In the Tempo menu.

Does the device have a Limiter?

In the Compressor block, set Ratio to Infinity" to turn it into a limiter. More ...

Why don't I hear repeats from the 2290 delay type?

The 2290 delay type has the phase on one side reversed and must be heard in stereo. When the signal is summed to mono, after the Delay block, there will be no delay repeats because of phase cancellation.

Why can't I adjust the time (milliseconds) in a Delay block?

If the Delay block is set to a specific Tempo, e.g. "1/4", you can't adjust the number of milliseconds. More ...

How do I return to a scene in the state I left it?

The default behavior for recalling scenes is they are recalled in their stored state. Scene Revert (in the MIDI menu) lets you change this. Set this to ON, to be able to return to a scene in the state you left it. More ....

How do I import a preset created on/for another type of FAS device?

FracTool lets you import presets that were created on other FAS processors.

How do I reload a factory preset?

If you've deleted factory presets from your unit, or want to install the most current ones, download them from Fractal Audio's Support page, and use the editor or Fractal-Bot to load it onto your device. The editor also lets you import single presets from a Bank file.

How do I boost the volume level of my solos?

Add a "null" Filter or a GEQ block at the end of the chain, with increased Level (try 3 - 4 dB). More ...

The unit crashes after powering up. What can I do?

It's possible that this is caused by a corrupt preset. Bypass the preset using a method described here.

Axe-Fx III

The display shows several lines of text information on startup. Is this normal?


Why is the output level of the III lower than that of the II?

The default Output Level for Output 1 and 2 on the Axe-Fx III is -10 dBv. This was done to reduce the number of support cases due to people overloading the inputs on consumer-grade interfaces, mixers, etc. Most professional gear runs at +4 dBu, so when using a pro-grade interface, mixer, etc., you may want to go into the I/O menu and change the Output Level to +4 dBu. More ...

Why don't I hear the (USB) signal from my computer through the III?

Adjust the USB Return Level parameter in the I/O menu. More ...

Can I monitor the signal from Output 2, 3 or 4 through my headphones?


AX8 and FX8

Why don't effects in my preset appear on the foot switches?

Effects in a preset are not always automatically assigned to foot switches. You have to do this manually, or assign "global" switches. More ...


Why doesn't the editor or Fractal-Bot recognize my processor?

On some computers, the editor and Fractal-Bot will work only if a driver has been installed. Check the system requirements and go to the page on Fractal Audio's website to get the driver, if needed.

Why do I have to press Save twice when changing the preset title?

You don't have to do that. When editing the preset title field, make sure to press Enter to make the editor aware of the title. Then press Save to store. More ...

How do I use Axe-Manage?

Axe-Manage Presets and Axe-Manage Cabs use a Browser pane at the left off the window. To show or hide the Browser pane click on the Browser menu at the top-left of Axe-Manage and choose "Show / Hide". Or use the key sequence CTRL+B (Windows) or CMD+B (Mac). More ...

Do I have to convert IRs in .wav format before using them in Axe-Edit III?

No. The Axe-Manage Cabs tool in Axe-Edit can import .wav files directly. Simply drag-and-drop any number of .wav files into the Browser pane to allow Axe-Manage to convert them. From the Browser pane you can now either Auto-Audition the files to a Scratchpad or drag from the Browser pane to a User cab slot. More ...

Will there be a mobile version of the editor?

Use FracPad to control the device on a tablet or smartphone.

When I double-click a control, does it reset to the correct default value?

When double-clicking a control, it gets reset to a default value. But that may not be the correct value for the specific amp. Only a soft-reset of the amp type (re-select) or a hard reset of the Amp block pulls the correct values from the hardware.

FC-6 and FC-12 controllers

Why aren't all notes in the Tuner screen the same as on the III's Tuner screen?

The tuner on the Axe-Fx III shows sharp notes as # (F#) and flat notes as b (Gb). The tuner on the FC controllers shows sharp notes only. More ...

Why doesn't the Tuner screen appear after pressing the Tuner switch?

If the Tuner menu on the device is not set to its first page, the Tuner won't appear. More ...


  • FR versus Aitr
  • clipping noise
  • Editor: copy block, copy XY
  • Global amp modeling, Global Cab modeling
  • Authentic pages
  • Presets sound strange: Wah
  • FRFR sounds harsh
  • Sound disappears when playing loud
  • input level
  • Get thump with real cab
  • Fuzz + Impedance
  • Phase cancelling
  • Soft reset / hard reset
  • Preset / Cab picker: refresh
  • Out 2/3/4: turn up knob

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