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The information on this page supplements the official manuals.


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Comparison table

Axe-FX AX8 FX8
Amp (2) Amp
Cab (2) Cab
Chorus (2) Chorus Chorus (2)
Compressor/Dynamics (2) Compressor/Dynamics Compressor/Dynamics (2)
Controllers (per preset) Controllers (per preset) Controllers (per preset)
Crossover (2)
Delay (2) Delay (2) Delay (2)
Drive (2) Drive (2) Drive (2)
Effects Loop Effects Loop
Enhancer Enhancer Enhancer
Feedback Send/Return
Filter (4) Filter (2) Filter (2)
Flanger (2) Flanger Flanger (2)
Formant Formant Formant
Gate/Expander (2) Gate/Expander Gate/Expander (2)
Graphic EQ (4) Graphic EQ (2) Graphic EQ (2)
Looper Looper Looper (global)
Megatap Delay Megatap Delay
Mixer (2)
Multi Delay (2) Multi Delay Multi Delay
Multiband Compressor (2x)
Noise gate (per preset) Noise gate (per preset) Noise gate (per preset)
Output mixer (per preset) Output mixer (per preset) Output mixer (per preset)
Parametric EQ (4) Parametric EQ (2) Parametric EQ (2)
Phaser (2) Phaser Phaser (2)
Pitch (2) Pitch Pitch
QuadChorus (2x)
Resonator (2)
Reverb (2) Reverb Reverb (2)
Ring Modulator Ring Modulator Ring Modulator
Rotary (2) Rotary Rotary (2)
Synth (2) Synth Synth
Tone Match
Tremolo/Panner (2) Tremolo/Panner Tremolo/Pan (2)
Volume/Pan (4) Volume/Pan (2) Volume/Pan (2)
Wah (2) Wah Wah (2)
2 MIDI and 2 Relay footswitch blocks

Blocks with X/Y support

Effects in the FX8: M@'s comments

CHORUS - Mono and stereo modulation effects, including vibrato:

COMPRESSOR – Control dynamics and add sustain.

DELAY - Up to 8000 ms, with types for analog, digital, tape, and more.

DRIVE - 25+ types including boost, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, and many more.

ENHANCER - Classic and Modern Stereo separator.

FILTER – From subtle EQ to extreme synth-type filters.

FLANGER – Anything from subtle chorus to through-zero tape swoosh to extreme jet.

FORMANT - Multi-mode formant filter creates vowel sounds.

GATE/EXPANDER - Provided in addition to a “global” noise gate.

GRAPHIC EQ - Easy, flexible tone shaping. v3-Band Passive

MEGATAP DELAY – Dense echo effects with group controls for time, pan, level, etc.

MIDI – Sends MIDI messages to the OUT port when the effect is turned ON or OFF.

MULTIDELAY – A variety of effects built from delay lines in creative configurations:

TREMOLO/PANNER - Classic trem, plus auto-pan and psychoacoustic effects.

PARAMETRIC EQ – 5-band precision tone sculpting tool.

PHASER – A variety Vintage and modern effects are possible.

PITCH SHIFTER – Everything from classic detune to whammy to custom harmony.

RELAY - Used to operate the onboard relays for amp channel switching

REVERB - World-class recreations of springs, plates, rooms, halls, and more.

RING MODULATOR – Advanced ring mod also features optional pitch tracking.

ROTARY - Simulates a classic rotary speaker with multiple microphones.

VOLUME/PAN - Simple volume block also offers channel input/output tools.

WAHWAH - Multiple types based on classic originals:

So that's the current list. There are a few effect block types on the flagship Axe-Fx II which are not present on the FX8. The majority are amp/cab/routing related: AMP, CAB, FB SEND, FB RETURN, FX LOOP, MIXER, QUAD CHORUS, SYNTH, TONE MATCH, VOCODER.

ALL of the "Controllers" from the Axe-Fx II are also onboard.

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